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Introduction & Principals

At Bird & Crawford Forestry, we see BOTH the forest and the trees. We help our valued clients achieve their land management goals by evaluating natural resources that go beyond timber management to include wildlife, recreation, alternative forest products, environmental and/or conservation opportunities and other alternate revenue streams.

Our industry leading team of graduate and advanced degreed foresters, wildlife biologists and land management professionals are committed to providing a comprehensive ownership plan that will meet your specific goals and objectives.

  • J. Mike Bird
    J. Mike Bird, ACF, RF

    Principal / CEO / Forester
    Center, Texas

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  • Sam D. Crawford
    Sam D. Crawford, ACF, CF

    Principal / Vice President / Forester
    Shreveport, Louisiana

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Forestry Staff

Sam Crawford historical photo

Sam Crawford’s grandfather (Frank Anthony – standing left) with his logging crew in the 1920s.

Bird & Crawford Forestry was formed in February 2015 when J. Mike Bird and Sam D. Crawford united the resources, expertise and services of Bird Forestry and The Crawford Forestry Group. Having worked together as friends– and occasionally as competitors – for more than 40 years, the highly respected foresters made the strategic decision to merge. Together as Bird & Crawford Forestry, they are able to serve their valued clients with a more diversified professional capacity, extended geographical reach and an expanded portfolio of resources.

Bird & Crawford Forestry is one of the leading independent forestry consulting firms in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and beyond. Our client base spans the spectrum from small, family-owned and non-industrial forest landowners to some of the country’s largest timberland investment organizations.

  • Mark Bird
    Mark Bird

    Principal / Forester / Realtor / Forestry Operations Manager
    Center, Texas

  • Mike Bird
    Mike Bird, ACF

    Principal / Forester
    Center, Texas

  • Mark Brian
    Mark Brian, ACF, RF

    Principal / Senior Vice President / Forester
    Center, Texas

  • Robert Ogle
    Robert Ogle

    Shreveport, Louisiana

  • Don Russell
    Don Russell

    Shreveport, Louisiana

  • John Marksberry
    John Marksberry

    Forester / Wildlife Biologist
    Shreveport, Louisiana

GIS Staff

    Support Staff

    • Jennie Alvis
      Jennie Alvis, CPA, CGMA

      Center, Texas

    • Donna Bird
      Donna Bird

      Office and Administrative Manager
      Center, Texas

    • Marsha Bradshaw
      Marsha Bradshaw

      Center, Texas

    • Carole Cunningham
      Carole Cunningham

      Administrative Assistant
      Shreveport, Louisiana

    • Lynn Johnson
      Lynn Johnson

      IT Manager
      Center, Texas

    • Micah Youngblood
      Micah Youngblood

      Administrative Assistant
      Center, Texas